What to visit in Wroclaw in one weekend?

Because of it location Wroclaw is very popular among tourist not only from Poland, but also from entire continent. This beautiful city thanks to German architecture is one of most interesting Polish destinations. Also, thanks to cheap airline companies we can travel there for a song. What attractions each tourist has to visit during one weekend in there?

Amazing architecture

During past ten centuries Wroclaw was part of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Thanks to that architecture of this place is amazing. During a trip each tourist has to go on Ostrow Tumski, oldest district of the city. It is filled with Gothic architecture, not only sacral. Area is filled with tiny, narrow streets made of stone, it looks amazing especially during the evening. About 10 minutes walk from Ostrow Rynek is situated. It is typical, medieval city center, with Baroque mansions and Gothic Churches. In Maria Magdalena temple you can climb on a Nouns Bridge. The panorama up there is phenomenal!


Admirers of art also will have many attractions to see in Wroclaw. City is filled with interesting galleries, like National Museum for example. You can find in there paintings of artists from each period of time. You shouldn’t miss Witkacy exhibition in there, it is very vanguard. Also in the city You can go to City Museum where plenty of German artists has exhibitions. If you are fan of a folklore you will enjoy visit into the Ethnological Museum. Fir admirers of modern art BWA Gallery is the best place. Each month you will find in there any interesting exhibition of present painters, sculptors and performers.

Animals and nature

In this amazing city tourist also can spend wonderful time on open air, admiring the nature. Great option is to visit zoological garden in Wroclaw. Couple years ago it was renovated, now you can see in there thousands of interesting animals from hundreds of species. Ten minute walk from there you can find Japanese Garden, it is fascinating exposition of plants typical for Country of Cherries in Bloom. Also in the same district Botanical Garden is situated, it is great place for a summer walk!


Because of many students from abroad, who are living and study in here, Wroclaw is a capital of the Youth. That is why if you are visiting the city during the weekend you can attend on some great party. At the Rynek area almost each pub and club is open all night long. You can choose a restaurant with tasty cocktails, classic pub with local beer or nightclub with electric music.

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