Welcome to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is quite small country placed in the north Europe, on the coastline of the North Sea. It is a well-developed country because it it governed by king, in fact it is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This country has really huge possibilities to offer. It is also a country that is completely different from other European countries.

This article will point out the most interesting ones.

Netherlands tripFirst of all, it is a country where numerous people live. It is really multicultural society – it is a peaceful home for people from different ethnic backgrounds. This solution is appreciated by young people who gain a lot from this type of society. Moreover, thanks to it, Dutch people are considered to be very open and tolerant. Secondly, it is worth to pay attention at the location of the country. It is placed in a warm zone – it means that there is no strong and snowy winter and summer is also more pleasant than in other countries, for example in the United Kingdom. Another reason to visit the Netherlands is sport activities. If you love to do sports, you will fit perfectly to the place. It is called a country of bikers. It is claimed that there are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands.

How to get to the Netherlands?

Do you think that those reasons are reliable for you? If you do, it is time to pack your suitcases and arrive in the Netherlands. You may travel to the country at various possibilities. Nevertheless, the fastest method of travelling to the country is travelling by plane. The country is served by several airports. However, the biggest and the busiest airport of the Netherlands is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS). It offers direct flights to numerous destinations located in every continent. Moreover, it is also the third busiest airport in Europe after London Heathrow (LHR) from the United Kingdom and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), called Roissy Airport in France.

Where to overnight in the Netherlands?

The country provides suitable accommodation for every type of visitor. There are placed high quality and expensive hotels as well as hostels for less demanding customers.

During your visit in the Netherlands, it is worth to visit the biggest and the most beautiful cities of the country that are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The HagUE, Urecht, Eindhoven and few more. It is worth to know that the capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam and the Dutch parliament is placed in The Hague. The most powerful harbour of the country is located in Rotterdam.

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