Vilnius – a city in Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania and its biggest city. It is placed on the south-eastern part of the country. It is a beautiful city worth visiting in every time of the year. The city has also few nicknames that are: Jerusalem of Lithuania, Rome of the North, Athens of the North, New Babylon and a few more.

The most important sights of the city. The real symbol of the city is the Vilnius Old Town. It is a medieval centre of the city. The Old Town consists of 74 quarters, 70 streets and more than 1,400 buildings. It is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites since 1994. The Old Town represents different architectural styles, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Neoclassical. During visiting the Old Town, it is worth to pay attention at the buildings that are available in this place. Some worth visiting are the Presidential Palace, the Slushko Palace, the Radziwiłł Palace and Tyzenhaus Palace. Moreover, there are also placed numerous churches and cathedrals, for example: St. Anne’s Church, Vilnius Cathedral and St. Nicolas’ Church. What is more, the tourists who would like to learn more about the city, its history should visit the National Museum of Lithuania. The museum was established in 1952 and it presents about 800,000 different artefacts. The museum is divided into five departments that are following: History and the latest history, Archaeology, Ethnography, Iconography and Numismatics. The departments of the museum are available in few buildings in the city centre of Vilnius.

How to get to Vilnius? There are available numerous forms of transport that reach the city. You may select train, bus or car. However, if you live far from Vilnius, it is worth to select travelling by plane. The city is served by Vilnius Airport that is placed only 5.9kilometres from Vilnius City Centre. It serves domestic flights as well as European destinations, such as London, Nice, Warsaw, Moscow and a lot more. The travellers who love going by plane will also find there low-cost airlines.

Where to overnight in Vilnius? The city offers a rich range of different type of accommodation. There, the visitors may find luxurious hotels as well as cheaper form of accommodation, such as hotels and hostels. Nevertheless, the most popular forms of accommodation in Vilnius are apartments, hotels and hostels. Moreover, more demanding holidaymakers will have an opportunity to stay in well-known hotel chains, such as Best Western, Novotel and Ibis.

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