Vienna – stylish city for a weekend

When summer is over and we need to wait entire year for another furlough, we can plan short trip to enjoy ourselves a little bit. Idea of city break is very popular right now, people are traveling to the nicest, European metropolis looking for monuments and entertainment. If you are thinking about option like that you should consider the capital of Austria.

Plan your trip

You have a lot of options to travel from Poland to Vienna. People who are living in southern-western part of the country can travel there by car, train or bus, cause distance is not very big. However maybe none of this options are good when we book a flight in reasonable price. To do so we should plan entire trip several months ahead, earlier we make a reservation lower price we will pay. The same is with accommodation, hostels offers great deals if you book a room earlier. Also you can use a last minute option, but this option is a bit risky.


Vienna is one of the richest cities in Europe and always was, that’s why architecture of this city is so amazing. You will find in there excellent examples of Classical style, like in Schonbrunn Palace for example. It use to be important residence of royal family. Inside you can admire phenomenal interior design, and entire building is enclose by beautiful, French garden. In the center of city stands another great, Classical building, the Belvedere. Nowadays it is a headquarter of Austrian government. In the center of Vienna you will see also interesting examples of sacral architecture. If you like Gothic style you have to take a tour to St. Stephen cathedral, with interesting Baroque interior design. Also City Hall was designed in Gothic style, however not in Medieval times but in nineteenth century.

Another attractions

Because that Vienna is capital of important country, plenty of interesting cultural events and other attractions are available in there. First of all you can visit one of the biggest zoological gardens in Europe – Tiergarten. You will be able to see in there real panda bear, very rare species. If you are travelling with children you have to go to Wiener Prater, amusement park filled with attractions not only for kids, but also for adults. If you like interesting interior design and architecture, you have to visit Secession House, place with many artifacts connected with this sophisticated style. In History of Art Museum you will be able to see masterpieces of greatest painters, like Tintoretto, Klimt or Rubens.

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