Travelling by plane on long-distance

Since last decade people from Poland get a lot more opportunities to travel whole around the planet. Almost each year airline tickets are cheaper, so nowadays we don’t have to be very wealthy to take a distance trip, to United States or even Australia. But how to plan a journey to get the best price on flights? And how prepare for a road?

Find the best deal

Most of the airline companies are offering their flights in couple of tranches. After another date is confirmed the prices of flights are very attractive, and each next day prize is going up. That is why if you like to travelling by plane to America for example, you have to book flight as soon as possible, even couple of months earlier. You have a lot of options to choose, you may travel from Warsaw or Berlin, the second option will be probably cheaper. Also no matter which city in USA you like to visit first, you should book a flight to New York, cause this is the cheapest option in there. After short sightseeing you will take a domestic flight to another location. This mode of transportation is very popular in USA, so tickets are in reasonable price.

Travel visa

However remember to get a tourism visa before you buy a ticket, cause not every person is getting it. The document is valid at least for one year, so you will have a lot of time for the trip. Unfortunately getting a visa is a big effort. First of all you have to book an interview with American consul, they have quarters in Cracow and Warsaw, so you will have to travel there. The consul will interview you, ask you a lot of questions about your job and financial situation, kids, history. If you are a person without a crime history you have very big chance for positive answer.

Prepare for the road

If you like to travelling by plane to New York, you need to prepare for journey longer then dozen hours. This is dangerous option for many people, cause after many years without a motion, some cloths may appear in your veins. Fortunately if you fallow those several rules you should be safe from that. First of all, before the trip, you need to go for a longer walk or even jogging. It will help to speed up the blood circulation in your veins. During the road you need to take a walk from time to time, it may last only for several minutes. Also remember to prepare for a boredom. You should pack some interesting book,  a tablet with favorite music or movie. And try to dress up in layers, cause it ‘s hard to anticipate the temperature on board.

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