Travel by plane for a penny

Cheap airline companies are very popular and available in Poland right now. In each part of the country we can use comfortable airport to travel whole round the Europe. Thanks to that we can just go for a quick, weekend tour to bigger metropolis in Europe. This journey can be also very cheap, we just have to know how to look for our flights and book it.

Choose nicest date

People who like to travel by plane for a song need to pick correct date for their journey. For example when we are interested in May, we shouldn’t choose longer weekend, cause most of Polish travelers like to go for a trip then. Better option is to choose any other weekend, cause lower season is in a lot better price then hot one. The same is with another national events and holidays, like independent day or Christmas. If you like to take a trip near to new year’s eve, you should prepare for bigger cost. The same with summer in tropical countries. July and August are expensive, so finest date for holiday is June and September, when weather still should be amazing.

Last minute flights

Sometimes even cheap airline companies aren’t able to sell all the seats for one flight. In that situation they are offering special deals named last minute. Only couple days before the flight they are offering the same tickets for even 80% lower price. It is amazing opportunity for travelers who like spontaneous ideas, and are flexible about destination. But what about our work? Most of us need to ask for days off couple weeks ago. However, if we book our holidays earlier we can start to look for a flights couple days before the data. Maybe it is a bit risky, but almost each day we can buy last minute offer in some airline company.

Additional cost

If you like your travel by plane to be even cheaper you have to avoid additional costs. First of all – baggage. Each airline company is offering one, medium size luggage for free, so you shouldn’t buy register bag. Especially, since it could cost the same price as our ticket! Just remember, that carry on baggage is going on board with you. That’s why your valise cannot contain any objects with sharp edges and other dangerous equipments. Besides, if you like to take liquids with you, it has to be putted into transparent, small bottles, and the gathered into plastic bag. Also be aware about insurance costs, you can buy it for 20 Euro. It will be helpful if you wish to resign from the trip. However, price of the ticket is so small and possibility of plan’s changing is so low, that you shouldn’t pay for it.

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