Travel by plane chap and comfortable

After Poland begin a member of EU several, smaller airline companies get interested into our country. Nothing surprising in that, cause after union Polish citizens can travel around the Europe without passports. Nowadays, still flights can be very cheap, you just have to know where and when to look for it. Also, there are couple of ways to travel not only cheap but also comfortable.

Looking for the best flights

To get a plane ticket in lower price possible, you have to know where to buy it. There are two options to choose, first is last minute offer. Less popular connections sometimes are discounted a lot, just several days before the flight. It is great opportunity to buy the same ticket for even 70% lower price! To find occasion like that you have to fallow special portals, which are very skilled in searching for best flights. Another option to choose is to buy a ticket several months before the journey. If you will be one of the firsts passengers, airline company will offer you very great price. Just check when your favorite carrier is disclosing flights for next season and make a reservation.

Pay even less

Travel by the plane could be even cheaper if you choose proper baggage. Always remember, that small airline carriers are offering one luggage free of charge, which going on board with us. In most of occasions it could be medium size valise, which can fit a lot of things. The one condition is to not put inside various type of objects, which could be dangerous. First of all, all the fluids need to be packed into small bottles, you can bring 1 liter top. Also, you shouldn’t have in there any objects with sharp edges, food, alcohol or sport equipment. Normal baggage could contain objects like that, but it sometimes costs the same as another flight ticket! Also beware of additional costs, like insurance for example, which you don’t need probably.

Comfortable journey

Even in economic class travel by plane can be very comfortable, you only have to select proper seat. Although reservation like that is payable, first booking day in most of occasions is free of charge. Avoid seats attached to emergency exits, cause in there you cannot put anything under your seat. Also try to book seat close to window, to avoid passengers who are going to the toilet during the flight. You cannot avoid loud people and children, but you can take some music with you to separate from the noise. If you are using smart phone as a player remember to turn on the plane mode

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