The nicest monuments in Lyon

France is very famous travel destination, people from whole around the world are visiting t every year. The most popular is the capital, but also another cities in there are worth to be seen, like Lyon. This ancient city is filled with amazing architecture from various decades and another, less conventional attractions.

How to get there?

About decade ago people who wanted to travel to France need to take a bus and spend entire day on the road. Fortunately nowadays we don’t need to do that, cause small airline companies are available from Poland. Many of our airports are departing to France, also Lyon. Also, this trip could be very cheap if you only book the flight earlier. Cause couple of months before the trip, most of the carriers are offering tickets in very reasonable price. You only have to monitor proper company and book your ticket for the best price. Earlier planning is also good opportunity to book cheap accommodation.

Amazing architecture

This ancient city is filled with phenomenal architecture. In Lyon you will find a Notre Dame basilica, beautiful church, designed in neo Romanian style in the end of nineteenth century. It is situated at the top of the Fourviere Hill, so at the top of it you can admire great view. If you prefer more medieval churches, you need to take a tour to Saint John Cathedral, amazing example of Gothic architecture, founded in the end of fifteenth century. But Lyon is not only about sacral buildings. While visiting the city you also have to visit Vieux district, old part of the town. Area in there is filled with small, Renaissance mansions, streets are narrow and very cozy. In Vieux district you will be able to take interesting souvenirs, eat some delicious meal in lovely restaurant, or just grab a beer in one out of many pubs in this area.

Another attractions

But sightseeing around architectural monuments is not all attractions which Lyon can offer to a tourists. During warm and sunny day you can also visit Parc de la tete d’Or, excellent example of French gardening, with plenty of Baroque and Rococo statues and fountains. It is very popular meeting spot for tourists and inhabitants. In Lyon you can also visit one of the biggest zoologist gardens in entire France. It is great attraction for entire family, you can admire many species of animals in there and also eat a meal in restaurant. Another great attraction is Museum de Miniatures, where you can find very small figures of dinosaurs, people from various époques, buildings.

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