Summer holidays in Moscow

Trip to the Russian capital can be very interesting experience. Moscow is very great city with plenty of monuments to explore. Nowadays it is available not only for rich people, cause small airline companies are offering great deals on flights. But how to plan our journey to make it perfect? And which attractions we need to explore while being in there?

Vacations planning

If you are admirer of a railway you can book a train ticket and enjoy longer journey. Nowadays trains are very comfortable, especially those international ones. You can boo a place in sleeping car, it is very comfortable option. If you start the trip from Warsaw you will get to Moscow within one day, of course there will be a lot of stops and restaurants car available. But a lot quicker alternative is to travel to Moscow by airplane. if you wish to go there in very reasonable price you have to boo your ticket several months earlier. In that case trip will took about 2 hours, so it is very great mode of transportation. While booking a flight earlier don’t forget about accommodation. The faster you will book a room the lower will be price you pay.


After you finally arrive in Moscow you will have plenty of various attractions to explore. Most of the historical monuments you will find on Red Place. In the middle of it stands signature of this city – The Saint Basil Cathedral. This is one of the most sophisticated sacral building in entire world. Church is decorated with colorful towers, which are very characteristic for it. Another great building on the Red Place is headquarter of National Museum of History. This monument is painted in red, so you won’t miss it for sure. In the old part of Moscow you can also admire Classical architecture, only go to see Kremlin, monumental building situated close to the Red Palace. Another brilliant example of Orthodox church is St. Michelangelo cathedral, with beautiful gazebos covered with gold.

Another attractions

Even tough Moscow is historical place, nowadays it is very modern city with many of other attractions then architecture. While visiting it you should consider a trip to the Gorky Park. It is very popular meeting places not only for tourists but also for citizens. You can rent a boat in there and take a cruise down the river, take a trip on a Big Wheel, or organize a picnic on the grass. If you like to see some nice pieces of art got to Tretyakov Gallery. It is the biggest collections of Russian art in entire country.

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