Summer holidays in Budapest

Most of Polish people are choosing seashore resorts as holidays destination in summer. Nothing surprising in that, cause swimming in a sea and taking a sun bath is very pleasant. However, if you better like to visit some place with a lot of great tourist attraction, you should consider a vacations in the capital of Hungary.

Plan the trip

Hungary lays far away from Poland, we need to cross Czech Republic or Slovakia to reach it. The journey by car or a bus took about 10 hours, but only if you departure from the southern part of Poland. If you don’t like to spend so many hours on the road you can also find some decent flights from Polish airports to Budapest. But to get nicest deal you should plan the trip faster. Start to look for the flights couple months ahead, to make sure you won’t miss any discount. Beside with earlier planning you will be able to find cheaper accommodation as well. Fortunately the airport in there is situated close to the center, you only have to take a subway to reach the old town for example.

Main attractions

At the older part of Budapest you will find plenty of monuments in a one, small area. One of the nicest objects is the Fisherman Bastion, amazing example of Romanesque Revival style. The buildings look like some castle from fairy tale! At the top of each towers an observation desk is localized, you can see from there panorama over Danube River. If you like a Baroque architecture you will appreciate the tour around Saint Stephan basilica. Church looks amazing also inside, it is covered with colorful fresco and ornaments. Budapest has one of the biggest parliaments in entire world. The Hungarian one was constructed in the nineteenth century in a Gothic Revival style. It is situated at the shore of Danube river, in the Pest district. If you like to see true Gothic architecture from medieval times, you can visit the church of Saint Matthias.

What else to explore?

Of course Budapest is not only about architecture, city is offering a lot more attractions. At the old town you can visit vanguard museum of horror. It is situated many meters underground, in the medieval tunnels. Entire area is covered in black, strange and scary noise is playing from the speakers, many of chambers has interesting artifacts connected with Hungarian history. Even if Budapest is not situated on the seashore, you can still enjoy the bath while being there. Just visit Széchenyi Baths, one of the largest objects like that on the continent.

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