Phenomenal holidays in Netherlands

People who like to visit some place for next holidays have many of options, Europe itself is filled with phenomenal locations with many of monuments to explore. If you are more into sightseeing than laying on a beach all day you can go for a trip to Netherlands. This amazing country is perfect place for people, who are interested into European culture.

Plan your trip

This small country is situated in the western part of Europe, so trip from the left side of our map will take about 10 hours. It is long distance, but even so plenty of carriers are offering trips by private buses. Most of the trips are taking place during the nights when the passengers are sleeping. Many of Polish people are living and working in Netherlands, so cruises like that are available almost every day. However a lot more convenient and faster will be a trip by an airplane, especially if you will choose an offer of smaller carrier. From Warsaw and Cracow you may flight directly to Amsterdam. Another airports in Poland are offering flights to the Eindhoven.


Netherlands tripYou cannot visit Netherlands without even a short trip to it capital, Amsterdam. This magical place is filled with interesting monuments, like Ann Frank’s House for example. This is a nice collection of artifacts connected with Nazi occupations during world war second. Another important place in Amsterdam is Rijksmuseum, the biggest collection of Dutch painters, like Rembrandt, van Delft, van Eyck or Bosch. If you like to try totally experiences go to the local coffee shop, where you may buy marijuana, in Netherlands it is totally legal. Another interesting area of the city is the Red Light District. In there women are standing beside the glassy window, offering their services to strangers.

Another locations

If you like to spend some time by the sea side, you can visit Hagha, situated in the northern part of Netherlands. One of the finest monuments in this city is Binnenhof, Gothic palace founded in the medieval times. Another nice option is Gemeentemuseum, amazing art collections with paintings of Mondrian, Picasso and Kandinsky. Next pretty city in the map of Netherlands is Eindhoven, it has very beautiful landscape with lovely, historical channels and bridges. The city is known for many of green area, art galleries of local painters and extraordinary museums like PSV and DAF, dedicated to the cars and football team. And during the warmer day you may go to the local zoologist garden, it is perfect opportunity to admire wild animals.

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