One weekend in Cracow

Nowadays Poland is very popular destination for tourists from entire Europe. Nothing surprising in that, many polish cities have plenty monument to offer. Probably the most popular spot is Cracow, former capital of Poland. Which attractions you cannot miss while visiting this amazing place?

Main monuments

At the area of Old Town are situated the most important monuments of Cracow. At the center of historical square you can admire Sukiennice, amazing, renaissance building, which use to be local market. Nowadays you can buy in there interesting souvenirs. Close to the Sukiennice is situated st. Mary Church, it is popular whole around the continent thanks to altarpiece by Veit Stoss, great example of Gothic sacral style. But true symbol of the city is Wawel Castle, situated at the hill of the same name. It use to be residence of royal families of Poland. Castle is open for tourist, you should visit inside of it, interior design is amazing.

Jewish quarter

Before the last war, Cracow has the biggest population of Jews in entire Poland. City still has Kazimierz, district which was inhabited by this nation since medieval times. Even now you will see in there eight different temples, like Tempel Synagogue, formed in the middle of nineteenth century. Kazimierz is mostly known for it bohemian atmosphere. At the entire area of district you will find small and classy coffee shops, pubs and art galleries. It is good place to buy sophisticated and vanguard souvenirs. Kazimierz is situated about 10 minute walk from main square.

Museum of Auschwitz

While visiting the Cracow you cannot miss the trip to Auschwitz, true symbol of holocaust. This small town is situated 50 kilometers from Cracow, each day a lot of buses and trains are gong there. You can book your visit earlier to make sure you will be able to walk inside. Cause there are daily limits of tourists. Auschwitz has many different exhibitions dedicated to nations, which were kept in this death camp.

Art galleries

If you are interested into Polish art, you have to visit National Gallery of Cracow. You will admire in there amazing paintings of each period of time, created by Wyspianski, Kossak brothers or Witkacy. This gallery is also a home for Lady with Monk, one of the most popular paintings of Leonardo da Vinci. Admirers of modern art should go to MOCAK gallery. You will find in there an exhibitions of Marina Abramovic, Azorro or Reza Aramesh. You can also go to the Schindler’s Factory Museum, this man use to save thousands of his Jewish employees during the war.

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