Nice holidays in Hungary

Nowadays tourist which are living in Poland has a lot of holiday options to choose. It is thank’s to small airline companies, which are offering nice deal on flights in Europe. The choice is so big, that a lot of people have a hard time to decide. If you are looking for some decent place with great weather and a lot of monuments you should consider the trip to Hungary.

How to get there

Depending on our location in Poland another option of travel to Hungary will be proper. People who are living in southern areas, can take a bus or a train. Travel from Wroclaw to Budapest took about 10 hours, a lot of connections are for a night road, so we are sleeping almost during entire road. However, a lot faster will be to travel to Hungary by plane, especially since we can book a ticket from small airline carrier. It is great deal, especially if you book the ticket couple months before the road, it will be a lot cheaper. Earlier planning is also good because of accommodation, hotels are offering great deals on rooms but only if you book it earlier enough.

No matter if we are travelling by plane, bus or car, we cannot miss the short trip to Budapest. The capital of Hungary is one of the prettiest cities in Europe, and it is all because it magnificent architecture. It use to be two different cities, till Buda and Pest connected in the second part of nineteenth century. In the old town you will admire wonderful building, which looks like a princess castle from a fairy tale. It is the Fisherman Bastion, a Romanesque Revival concept. At the top of building’s towers is localized observational desk. You will admire in there wonderful panorama over the old town. Another, great piece of architecture of Revival in Hungarian Parliament, one of the biggest objects like that in entire Europe. It was raided in the middle of nineteenth century in Gothic Revival style. If you are an admirer of horror stories, you have to visit the Museum of Dracula, localized in the dungeons of old town.

Another attractions

Even if Hungary doesn’t lay on the seashore, still it citizens have an amazing place to spend their holidays in – the Balaton lake shore. This is the biggest object like that in entire Europe. Since June till September it becoming a centre of Hungarian entertainment. People from entire country are visiting it resorts, to enjoy lovely weather. It is not very far away from Budapest, you can take a train to get there. Temperature during the summer is close to 30 degrees, so it is a great option for vacations.

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