Finest monuments in Berlin

Nowadays plenty of travelers from Poland are enjoying longer weekends in some decent destinations. Nothing surprising in that, cause summer time in another city, even for short period of time, it is a good idea. If you are searching for the best location for city break, do not forget about the capital of Germany.

Mode of transportation

If you are going to visit Berlin you have plenty of different types of transportation to select. First of all you can use a train, very convenient but also expensive, especially if you don’t have any student discounts for a ticket. Another option is to book a seat in the bus, it is very common especially in the area of western Poland. If you are traveling with another passengers maybe you will better like to take a car on a road? But if you are living in the eastern part of our country you can also travel to Berlin in a comfortable way, only use an offer of an airline company. If you book a ticket fast enough the price will be very reasonable.


Even if Berlin was totally destroyed during the world, it was reconstructed very well during past, several decades. The most popular monument in the capital of Germany is the Gate of Brandenburg, amazing building designed in Classical style. Entire area around this gate is occupied by travel spots and shops, you will find pplenty of people in there, every time of the day. Another nice spot is the German Parliament, also Classical building, formed in the end of eighteenth century. If you like to admire amazing panorama over entire city, you can take a trip to the TV Tower, at the top of it you will find an observational deck. In Berlin you will also find amazing memorial for Holocaust’s Victims. It is a huge square, covered with black pieces of stones, situated side by side.

Art galleries

In the area of Berlin you can visit also the Island of Museums, with four different objects with plenty of amazing exponents. The most popular is Pergamum Museum, one of the finest collection of the ancient artifacts. In there you will find the Gate of Ishtar and the statue of Nefertiti. In Bode Museum you can admire plenty of interesting furniture from each style, collection of historical, German coins and even one chamber with ethnographical gallery. And if you like to watch interesting paintings of European artists, go to the New Museum. While being in Berlin you shouldn’t also miss the trip to the East Side Gallery. It is the remains of Berlin Wall with amazing murals on it.

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