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Copenhagen – the treasure of Scandinavia

Summer holiday for many people is perfect occasion to visit some exotic place and get tan. However during warm and sunny day we can also visit countries which are very cold during most of the years, like Denmark for example. If you are interested in this country a bit more you should go for a trip to Copenhagen it capital.

Mode of transportation

Depending on part of Poland we are living in, another mode of transportation will be better to reach Copenhagen. People from the north part of our country can travel to the Swinoujscie and take a ferry to the Denmark. However a lot more convenient and faster option will be to book a flight to Copenhagen, available in most of Polish airports. If you book your ticket fast enough it won’t cost you too much money, it is possible to pay even 120 zlotys in both sides. Just try to order everything six months ahead, the same is with accommodation.


CopenhagenDenmark always was very wealthy country, therefore it architecture is phenomenal. One of the symbols of the Copenhagen is Amalieborgh, beautiful Baroque palace, founded in the seventeenth century. You can also see part of it chambers, it interior design is also worth to be seen. The most popular place for tourists is the statue of Mermaid, the most popular fairy tale character from Danish cartoons. You shouldn’t miss availability of taking a picture with it. Another interesting piece of architecture in the city is Rundetaam, astronomical observatory, perfect attraction for children and adults. If you are admirer of sacral architecture a trip to the Saint Friedrich church will be good idea. This Baroque building is also beautiful in the inside. Probably the most lovely panorama in entire Copenhagen can be found in the harbor called Nyhavn. It is filled with colorful, small houses.

Another attractions

The capital of Denmark is also perfect place for people who like to see some decent pieces of art. If you are one of those individuals take a tour to Ny Calsberg Glyptotek. In there you will admire works of artists like Gauguin, Monet, van Gogh or Renoir. Nice idea for a sunny day is to go to the Tivoli Gardens, connected with one of the biggest amusement parks in entire Scandinavia. Copenhagen is also popular because of it zoological garden, filled with amazing examples of animals, like panda bears or koala. In there you have only occasion to visit the Museum of Guinness records, very fascinating and huge exhibition, opened in the beginning of last century.

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