Bratislava – the best attractions

Slovenia is a very popular spot for Polish skiers, especially ones that are living in southern east part of our country. However, Bratislava, the capital, is not as much famous. Also, thanks to the small airline carriers we can travel to Bratislava for a penny, so a lot more travellers get interested into this amazing city. What attractions waiting for us in there?

Look for the cheapest flights

Even that prices in airline companies are very reasonable, we always have a chance to pay enen less for the same flight. If you like to travel to Bratislava for a song, try to book your ticket several months before trip. In that case you can pay even 70% less than right before the flight. Another option for savings is luggage. For only weekend long journey you don’t need to take plenty of items. That is why you shouldn’t buy registered bagagge, carry-on option should be enough for you. But remember, free of charge bag is going on board with you, so it cannot contains dangerous materials. Make sure that any object with shar edges is not in your bag, like scissors or knife for example. Also, you don’t need to buy a travel insurance, even if suggested. It will only protect your money if you will like to miss the trip.

Architecture of capital

First village in Bratislava was founded in ancient times, however the oldest buildings are from Medieval times. One of the icons of the city is Devin Castle, amazing, Romanesque fortress. Entire object is open for travellers to see, you should take a tour, it is amazing place. Another interesting building is the Bratislava Castle, huge Renaissance residence of former royals. It is the greatest place to explore interior design from various styles. People who are enjoying sacral architecture will appreciate the Saint Martin cathedral. This is a beautiful, Catholic church founded in Gothic style. However inside of the temple we can see newer, Baroque ornaments and paintings. From modern architecture you can go to TV Tower, tallest building in the city, with amazing observation deck on the top of it.

Another attractions

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will probably enjoy the trip to Bratislava‘s Zoological Garden, the biggest in entire Slovenia. This is very nice place for families and adults, many exotic animals can be seen in there, like elephants, lions, giraffes and bears for example. At the area of garden you can also grab a meal in one out of many restaurants. If you wish to get to know more about Slovenian culture, you need to visit Museum of the City.

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