Amsterdam and its cuisine: what is worth eating?

Trying the new tastes is often a part of sightseeing. Many dishes are characteristic for specific region or country. Globetrotters associate the taste with a place. In that article several examples of Dutch cuisine are given. They can be tried during a visit in Amsterdam.

One-pot dishes

Among traditional Dutch dishes, a special place belongs to one called “stamppot”. It is quite nourishing, so it is ideal for exhausted and hungry tourist. The preparation is not complicated. It is a mix of cooked potatoes and vegetables, traditionally cooked in one pot. It can be served with some meat or a bit of sauce.

Fish – an obligatory element

No one should be surprised that sea food is popular in Netherlands. In Amsterdam, there are a lot of places that serve brined herring. It can also be bought on every market. How is it served? Similar to a hot dog: a fish is put into a bread roll. People in Netherlands often eat raw herrings with onion. And how to eat the herring, bought on some stand? The best way is to hold it by its tail!

French fries in Netherlands

Dutch people love potatoes, also in the form of French fries, known here as “patat”. The interesting fact is that here they are served with… mayonnaise. Of course, it can be a basis for more sophisticated flavours, like for instance joppie sauce. Here the mayonnaise is mixed with some dried vegetables and curry. When buying fries in a cartoon horn, the choice of sauces can be impressive.

Do not forget about cheese!

The Netherlands is also famous for wonderful cheese. In Amsterdam, some special stores with a big choice of cheese can be found. There is usually a chance to try several kinds before buying a particular one. In some restaurants there is also a possibility to try various kinds of cheese with a glass of wine. Those who like dairy products will not be disappointed – the quality of Dutch cheese is known worldwide.

Maybe something sweet?

When someone likes sweets, he ought to try stroopwafels. Two round waffles are sticked together with a layer of sweet syrup with butter. The diameter of that flat cake makes it possible to put on a cup of hot tea. Then it gets less crunchy and even more delicious. Those who are in Amsterdam around New Year’s Eve should try oilebollen – a kind of round doughnuts with some additions. They can be bought in many places because it is a traditional snack at that time.

Dutch cuisine is rich with various flavours – from mild, to sweet and spicy. The influence of former Dutch colonies can still be observed here. It is not only the cheese!

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