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Amazing holidays in New York

People who are thinking about next holidays have plenty of alternatives to select. Nowadays prizes of airline tickets are cheaper than ever. It is not only option with European carriers, even international flights are in very reasonable prices. That is why Polish people are gladly choosing vacations in United States, especially New York.


Before we even start to looking for a good offer on a plane ticket, we have to remember about travel visa to United States. Unfortunately, Polish citizens still require this type of document if they like to visit New York or any other city in States. First of all you should make an appointment with American consul, you can book it online. The embassy of USA is available in Warsaw and Cracow. You have to remember, that you will have to go there in person to talk with the consul. At the official page of embassy you will find complete list of documents that you have to collect before the meeting. Most of the people who are asking for travel visa to USA are getting positive response. Only people who have a criminal history are banned.

The Best attractions in Big Apple

New York tripThis amazing city is very popular in Europe, thanks to TV series and movies which took place in there. First think you have to see in New York is Manhattan, the most popular part of the city. There are plenty of skyscrapers situated i the sea shore, you can watch great panorama on it from the fairy. The nicest buildings in there are probably Empire State and Chrysler Buildings, founded in the beginning of twentieth century in Modernism style. Another, important monument in NYC is the Statue of Liberty, which you may reach by using the ferry. You have to get there to see an observation deck, situated in the crown of the statue. While being on Manhattan, you should also take a tour to the Central Park, huge area of green in the center of New York. It is very common meeting spot for citizens.

Domestic flights

While being in NYC you can also visit another American city, without spending too much cash on it. It is possible thanks to the domestic flights, very common in States and that’s why not very expensive. You can go to one of the tropical resorts, like Miami, Los Angeles or New Orleans for example.It is amazing opportunity to do some sightseeing in this country. In Florida for example you will be able to see the biggest amusement park in the world, very popular Disneyland, also available in France. If you like to get to know more about southern America culture, do not miss a chance to visit Louisiana.

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